You can control time.

You don’t realise this but you can.

You just need to know that you can do it.

Busyness is an issue that many face.

You can create all the time you need so that you can walk through your days with enough time and a sense of peace.

Things do not need to be frenetic. Things can be calm and peaceful.

You simply need to intend and to ask us to help you with this.

Instead of focusing on the hecticness of your schedule see yourself walking through it with ease, with enough down time for yourself.

Intend to have enough downtime and intend to have time for the rest that you need.

It is entirely possible.

Release any belief that it isn’t.

You can enjoy your time. You can have fun.

If you have fun it won’t feel stressful.

It comes down to changing your perception and deciding on the experience you wish to have because you can then create the experience you want rather than creating the experience you expect.

Time management that humans talk about is really time control. Taking charge of time.

Time is not what humans think it is.

Humans have a bad experience with time because they have taken on cultural beliefs of what time is and what’s possible.

There is no 24 hours in a day restriction. Time doesn’t work like that.

Focus on intending how you want your time to go and how you wish to use it.

This will benefit you greatly.

We can help you with this. Please ask.

Source: Happybubble

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