Top 20 Best Selling Wholesale Phone Accessories

Owing to the massive and continued growth of technology, it is now easier than ever for consumers to purchase online phone accessories. Whether you intend to sell these accessories online or in your brick and mortar store, it is clear that customers are always on the lookout for the newest and trendiest phone accessories. To ensure you are presenting your consumers with the right stuff, here are the top 20 bestselling wholesale phone accessories:

Wireless headphones

More phone manufacturers are now releasing new phone versions that do not have the expected 3.5mm headphone jack. This means that wireless headphones will now quickly become the standard instead of the exception.

Wireless charger

What’s not to enjoy about a well-designed charger and a fully-charged phone — all without the hassle of having to look erratically for a charger, without needing to plug anything in. As far as numerous consumers are concerned, owning a wireless charger is a major win-win.

Bluetooth selfie stick

Selfie sticks that come with smart Bluetooth connection are all the rage currently. These selfie sticks have adjustable brackets that can fit any size of phone and can be compacted just as effortlessly for easy storage.

Fast charging car charger

Having a fast charging car charger in your car is one handy way to ensures that no matter regardless where your customers travel to, they will never have to worry about their phone dying as they can quickly plug it into their car charger that will deliver the full charge that they need ASAP.

Dashboard mobile phone stand

A dashboard mobile phone stand that comes with a suction that makes it easy to apply to a dashboard is one of the best tools that drivers can use to keep an eye on their phones when playing music and other activities.

Micro USB cable

Micro USB cables are getting smaller and smaller by the day. Micro USB cables are easy to transport from place to place and they can also double up as power bank cables.

VR headsets and gear

VR headsets are available for most types of phones. The best phone powered virtual reality sets have remote controls and a host of other accessories that make the user experience much more heightened.

Smart speakers

Smart speakers such as Google Home and Alexa have become the norm when people need to have their questions answered quickly or when the need to play music from online sources such as Spotify.

Smartphone cleaning and repair kits

Smartphones can get dirty very quickly as a result of extensive and continued usage. Smartphone cleaning kits offer clients an easy and excellent way of maintaining their smartphones using a safe screen spray that can get the job done.

Phone grips/ popsockets

Almost everyone nowadays can be seen with a phone grip on the surface of their phone. Not only can phone grips make it easy to prop a phone for better views but they also make going through work emails a little less stressful. For anyone that wants something unique, customizable phone grips or those with fun designs are also available.

Cell phone dock

Cell phone docks help to keep phones steady and upright while keeping them powered. Most docks are also embedded with charging ports and also come with weighted bases to offer stability.

Universal charging cable

Although cables and plug-in chargers are quickly becoming a thing of the past, there are still some instances that require the use of charging cables. There are numerous weak and almost gimmicky cables in the market and strong, tangible universal ones are designed to last, which will appeal to any customers that love value and durability.

Tempered glass screen protector

Tempered glass screens are a lot stronger compared to regular ones, which also means that they tend to last longer. It is a lot easier to wipe off fingerprints from tempered glass making maintenance straightforward.

Bluetooth phone tripod

Tripods are must-have tools for photographers and are ideal for taking pictures in low light settings. Those that come with Bluetooth capability can connect to any smartphone for a better user experience.

Phone lens

Although phones have much better cameras today, phone lenses help to take one’s photography game to the next level.

Waterproof phone cases

Waterproof cases work exactly like traditional cases only that they come with a protective seal that keeps phones safe from water damage.

Phone stickers

Phone stickers make it possible for phone users to personalize their phones in a minimal manner.

Phone power banks

Portable phone banks enable individuals to charge their phones when they run out of power. Power banks can be used during emergencies or saved for later use.

Memory cards

Memory cards are still the go-to for storing and transferring digital information. Works great both for documents and pictures.

Mobile fan

A portable rotating fan helps to keep phone users cool while using their phone. These fans are small and compact and can be holed into ant Apple product to provide a cooling movement during hot days.

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