Trump immigration reform is a ‘great’ proposal, though Dems likely to pan strategy, ex-ICE director says – Fox News

President Trump’s brand-new migration reform proposal is a “excellent plan,” but Democratic management may oppose the measure because they are averse to White House tries to protect the southern border, previous Performing ICE Director Thomas Homan stated on “America’s Newsroom” Thursday.

” I was briefed on [Trump’s] strategy and I liked what I heard,” Homan told host Bill Hemmer. “And, front and center, number one of the 6 branches [of the proposal] is border security.”

Homan said that Trump’s proposal correctly addresses “closing the loopholes” that have permitted what he called the “crisis at the border” to escalate.


He added that senior management in the Democratic Celebration has been “against anything to protect the border.”

” They haven’t provided one fix to the existing crisis on the border,” he said. “Not one thing have they used up to help stem the tide of the prohibited migration at the border.”

Homan suggested that Democrats don’t desire what he called the Republican-supported pairing of border security and growth of legal migration.

“[That’s] the best thing to do,” he said, adding that Trump’s strategy still accounts for “family-based migration” however it focuses on the instant, “nuclear” relative instead of “cousins and stepfathers.”


Homan likewise said the information innovation market has actually been yearning for more competent employees to fill employment opportunities in the field.

” They require more talent to further broaden the I.T. infrastructure,” he said, adding that there are individuals who wish to emigrate to America to work in technology.

Homan included that he likewise wants to see the fight against the MS-13 gang continued in locations like Los Angeles and in New York City State.

Trump revealed his long-awaited immigration overhaul Thursday in the White House Rose Garden. It would significantly alter how the U.S. accepts individuals into the nation, moving the system in order to favor admissions based on benefit instead of family ties.

” If adopted, our strategy will transform America’s migration system into the pride of our country and the envy of the modern-day world,” Trump said in his address.

Fox News’ Adam Shaw added to this report

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