What else does Tesla do?

There’s no doubt that Tesla is most associated with its brand of EV supercars, but arguably one of the world’s most innovative companies has got a lot more to offer in its locker.

The spirit of environmental sustainability combined with limit-pushing technology is embedded in all of Tesla’s output, as they look to create stylish, practical products for a more ethically conscious mass market.

Here at 3F EV, we’re big fans of inventive tech and smart sustainable solutions – let’s look at what else Tesla offers customers.


Tesla released their very own home battery product when they launched Powerwall, which signalled their first movements in the home energy storage market. It’s a rechargeable lithium ion battery with liquid thermal control that guarantees sustained power supply through the day and night.

The Powerwall presents an ideal way for home owners to integrate a battery with a home’ solar panel system and begin to become independent of their energy provider. It works properly when solar panels produce more electricity than a home needs to function; the excess energy is then stored by the battery.

When the solar panels aren’t producing enough energy, the Powerwall acts like a back-up system that will then use the energy stored, instead of having to buy from a provider.

Solar Roof

In partnership with SolarCity, Tesla has worked to create their own Solar Roof technology. Instead of just panels, the structure looks to integrate solar cells and modules inside a roof, instead of solely in panels on the exterior surface. Solar cells are covered with colour louver film, so cells can seamlessly blend into a roof structure. Tempered glass is then placed on top, so that cells are durable and up to three times stronger than normal roof tiles.

Currently, there are a range of different styles and materials on offer, to offer a stylish alternative to standard solar roofing. Tuscan glass tile roof and slate glass tile roof are just a couple of choices available. Tesla believe that over time their solar tiles will become cheaper than normal non-solar roofing tiles and will be able to pay for themselves using the money saved in energy bills.

A Solar Roof can also work in tandem with a Powerwall to create even more off-grid energy that can be stored and used when solar energy is low or there’s a grid outage.

Commercial & Utilities

As well as homebased, domestic products, Tesla is interested in creating sustainable, electric alternatives for commercial customers and for local governments and utility companies.

Tesla provides solar and Powerpack systems to help generate new revenue for companies and governments by saving and storing energy, lowering demand charges and preventing peak energy usage issues.

Renewable microgrids can also be installed which deliver affordable and clean power to communities. Tesla will work closely with organisations to provide bespoke energy solutions, such as Flexible Ramping and Dynamic Capacity.

As you can see, Tesla is involved in some very exciting projects involving renewable energy and sustainable technology, which can only be a positive thing.

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