Why Phone Accessories Business Market Is Growing

Mobile phone accessories business thrive because smartphones are slowly becoming ubiquitous, and their acceptance as a core aspect of our everyday living is further enhanced by choice of mobile phone accessories we use. You can’t own a smartphone without having a couple of accessories that go with it, that’s for sure. Be it a more conventional on in a USB charger or a set of premier earphones, most of them even come pre-packaged with the device.

Going by the latest figures, it is safe to predict a massive increase in the mobile phone accessories market in the future. In fact, from a recent study on most of the widely used phone accessories in India, the gradual increase in sales of phones is directly proportional to that of these must-have tools. And if this trend will continue, then we have no reason to doubt the viability of the $107.3 billion the smartphone accessories industry will be worth by 2022.

Perhaps you are wondering what’s causing phone accessories business to be this lucrative.

Well, such a question can best be answered by looking at what smartphone and tablet makers are doing as well as consumer habits and preferences. Ideally, the reasons why phone accessories business is set to boom in a few years’ time are:

Changing technologies

With each mobile phone released and its features tweaked, whether it is its hardware or software, you should expect accessory makers to follow the same path. September 2017 when Apple’s Tim Cook, unveiled the two pricey iPhone devices, what many probably didn’t see is that he was also flagging off a vicious battle amongst phone accessory makers.

Most of them were eager to make befitting accessories in time for the insane Christmas shopping season. Consumers, correspondingly, wanted to cash in on the 40% to 60% price cuts, a factor that automatically meant an increase in the number of mobile phone accessory shoppers. This is a classic example of why the market will keep growing as long as Apple, LG, Samsung and all the leading smartphone and tablet makers will continue releasing new devices.

The upsurge in online phone accessories stores

The unprecedented influx of e-commerce websites, particularly the wholesale cell phone accessories stores that stock up a wide array of affordable accessories, is driving the figures up. These stores are a blessing to many smartphone users given the ease and convenience they offer when it comes to buying a particular accessory.

Mostly, you will find the best of these online mobile phone accessories marketplaces offering crazy deals, discounts, and coupons before topping up with the promise of free shipping. HLC Wholesale, a premier New York-based mobile phone accessories dealer even offers a $20 off when anyone uses coupon code: HLC20 on each purchase.

Social media

Instagram is a popular photo and video-sharing social channel whose prominence is rising sharply. For a person to participate, he/she ought to upload a clear, HD photo or video, which means one will probably have to buy portable smartphone lens. Another one will require a set of top-quality headphones or a power bank that can be relied on. All these give a sneak preview of how social media impacts the need for phone accessories.


A decrease in the price of phone accessories, changing trends and rapid urbanization are partly to blame too. It is possible to get a USB charger worth $10 or a glass screen protector for $2 even when there’s another one that costs $15. Also, it is widely considered “cool� to be seen with a trendy accessory today.

When all’s said and done, therefore, it’s clear that mobile phone accessories are the future. If you would like to buy your favorite, don’t hesitate to place your order online. And while at it, HLC Wholesale is a perfect place to buy from as they offer incredible offers and discounts!

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