Why Trust Rocket? Contracts, Customer Support and Crowdfunding Experience

Boost for Your Token Crowdsale by discovering the 3 C’s

Rocket, a token creation platform designed for entrepreneurs and business owners (Etherparty, 2018).

Given the costs, time, and effort involved in launching a token crowdsale, it can be tempting to find any way that will simplify the process. Unfortunately, not all services (or service providers) are created equal. From security issues to bugs in the smart contract software, costs can quickly escalate out of control.

Whether you’re looking for a smart contract generator or a turnkey crowdfunding platform to help you get your business off the ground, make sure that your provider offers the “three C’s for success�: contract security, crowdfunding experience, and customer support.

Contract Security

There’s no downplaying the importance of a smart contract when you’re creating and launching a new token. Your smart contract is a self-executing contract that will avoid transaction errors and ensure the safety of your tokens, as well as the transfer of tokens to your contributors.

Your smart contract should be secure and audited by a third-party to avoid attacks from hackers. Recent attacks on smart contracts, including Bancor in July this year and Parity last year, cost companies and contributors hundreds of millions of dollars.

These attacks highlight how simple flaws in code and other human errors can impact the security of a token crowdsale.

“Code aside, with every situation, there are an infinite number of things that can go awry,�

according to Amy Tan, CEO of Sagewise, a company that provides smart contract audits. Aside from bugs in code, proper QA processes and professional audits can reduce vulnerabilities.

Clearly, when it comes to smart contracts, you need to demand a high standard of security. A DIY approach can be risky and expensive, as you need to hire an experienced development team and use a third-party auditor. That’s why Etherparty created Rocket, a token creation platform designed for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Using Rocket, you can create, execute, and track your token crowdsale securely, without any development experience. The all-in-one crowdfunding platform uses secure and reliable smart contract technology that makes it simple to upload audited smart contracts, create a digital token on Ethereum or Bitcoin blockchains, and market directly from the platform.

And most importantly, the security of Rocket’s smart contract technology has been given the green light in two independent, external audits, as well an internal audit with our in-house Solidity experts.

All three audits — from smart contract auditing firms iosiro and Coinfabrik, as well as our in-house review — found no vulnerabilities. At Etherparty, we are committed to security and, where possible, strive to push beyond the best practices in our industry.

Crowdfunding Experience

When you’re looking for help with your token crowdsale, you need to make sure that you have on boarded an experienced team.

Rocket is brought to you by the people behind Vanbex, a blockchain consultancy group that has been in business since 2013. The company offers professional services in all aspects of the blockchain industry. From grassroots marketing, application development, communications, strategy, public relations and operations consulting, Vanbex works with blockchain businesses at any stage of growth. After working on more than 70 blockchain projects, notable success stories have included Dash, Enjin and Firstblood.

The team has extensive experience in launching blockchain-based crowdfunds, and are happy to discuss whether crowdfunding is the best option for your business.

And as a direct result of our experience, we understand that not all blockchain projects are the same. We believe blockchain agnosticism is the key to growth in this industry. That’s why Rocket is compatible with both the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains — to give you the option to create a crowdsale and related smart contract for execution on either network.

Customer Support

Given the hacking scandals headlines in the cryptocurrency world, it’s easy to understand why some people may be wary about contributing to new token crowdsales. Open and available customer support is essential to build trust.

Unfortunately, if you’re in the midst of trying to get your project off the ground, or trying to grow your team, customer support is often low on your list of priorities. Many blockchain-based companies have slow or inhuman customer support, but in a competitive market, that’s not really good enough.

At Etherparty, we believe that customer support is an essential ingredient to a great customer experience. We have invested heavily our customer success team and support materials to ensure that business owners and entrepreneurs launching a crowdfund with Rocket can expect timely friendly customer support and great resources to fuel their own success.

Contact sales@etherparty.com to find out more and sign-up for a free trial of Rocket by Etherparty, the user-friendly platform that lets you set up, launch, and track your token crowdsale without a development team.

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