Why your next company car should be a Tesla

Looking to make a great impression at your next client meeting? Here at 3F EV, we can’t think of a better way to make a first impression than a Tesla company car.

With one of our state –of-the-art Tesla vehicles, you’ll start a meeting on the right foot with a fantastic conversation starter to break the ice.

We’ll run through a few of the reasons why we think your next company car should definitely be a Tesla.

Ethical Choice

Lots of companies try to communicate that they’re different from others and committed to ethical action and being environmentally conscious. But how many of them actually practice what they preach? We’re inclined to say that it’s not all of them!

If you’re a business that relies on employees being on the road to visit clients then the miles, fuel costs and emissions can quickly rack up. Before you know it, you’re running a business that’s significantly contributing to high emission rates and a considerable carbon footprint.

Making the switch and using EVs in your fleet can help to save money and the environment. This is something that you can really promote in your marketing and offerings to customers and clients – you’re serious about the environment and your impact.


Most businesses want to communicate to customers and clients that they’re dynamic and innovative. You can do this in lots of ways, but choosing to drive one of the most forward-thinking company cars on the planet can get you some brownie points.

Tesla is a really newsworthy brand at the moment, creating lots of buzz, whether that’s because of SpaceX, The Boring Company or Elon Musk himself. They’re a car company that are pushing the boundaries and creating new and exciting cars for consumers.

Attaching your company to a brand like Tesla makes your business look innovative and forward-thinking by association.


Fuel costs and expenses can be a big expenditure when you’re running a business or on the road a lot with work. The good news is that a Tesla EV doesn’t need any fuel so say goodbye to extortionate fuel costs and they have extensive range before they need charging again – perfect for work trips.

Companies can also benefit from government grants when they use EVs and end up saving money on maintenance and running costs. When you think about how much of your annual budget is spent on costly fuel, maintenance and running costs – driving an EV makes business sense.

What can you do?

Our award-winning Tesla Members Club is perfect for companies that want to use our on-demand service for Tesla vehicles.

When any employees need a car at home or for work trips abroad, we can offer instant, discounted access to companies we’re partnered with. We’ll provide bespoke solutions, specifically with your company in mind to help you come up with the best arrangement for the size of your business and your unique requirements.

All you need to do is get in touch with our experienced team and we’ll help you get on the road with a Tesla in no time.


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